Blog: Brexit skirmish erupts as Spain demands police presence allowed in Gibraltar docks – Daily Express

Jesus Verdu from the University of Cádiz’ told EuroNews it will be difficult for Gibraltar to accept that Spain has the last word on certain policies. He added that Gibraltar will eventually accept the measures but it will not be easy.

Mr Verdu said: “While the parties have negotiated this deal quickly it could have been easier to find a solution.

“Now with all the parties exposed by the daylight of Brexit, it is difficult for Gibraltar to accept that the last word is going to come from Spain.

“Since there is no other option anymore, I believe Gibraltar will eventually accept it but it will not be easy.

“It will need to be an exercise either of a certain makeup or of compensation for Gibraltar in the negotiating process.”

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Earlier this week Spain’s Foreign Minister claimed that Brexit will let his country have sole control over who can enter Gibraltar.

Gibraltar agreed to a deal to join the Schengen travel zone hours before the UK left the European Union.

The deal between Gibraltar and the rest of the EU ensures the free movement of people and goods from the bloc into the territory.

Spanish foreign minister Arancha González Laya told Spanish newspaper El Pais: “Schengen has a set of rules, procedures, and instruments to apply them, including its database, to which only Spain has access.

“Gibraltar and the United Kingdom do not.

“In order to enter a Gibraltar integrated into the Schengen area, the responsibility for border control is in Spanish hands.

“That is why the final decision on who enters the Schengen area is Spanish, of course.”


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The Spanish foreign minister added: “With this agreement, the fence is removed, Schengen is applied to Gibraltar.

“It allows for the lifting of controls between Gibraltar and Spain.”

Gibraltar voted Remain in the 2016 referendum but First Minister Fabian Picardo has since insisted the territory should make the best of the situation.

The new deal will enable the 15,000 Spanish people to continue working in Gibraltar without barriers.

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