Blog: Macron ally stuns Ridge with claim EU fishing policy ‘will not be changed’ post-Brexit – Daily Express

France has refused to budge on its defiant hardline fisheries stance in the Brexit talks, as time runs out for a deal to be agreed. Nathalie Loiseau, a strong ally of Emmanuel Macron, told Sky News’ Sophy Ridge this morning that the European Union’s Common Fisheries Policy “so far has been a success”. When questioned whether it was right for British fishermen to have access to more fish, the French MEP responded: “Why should we ruin something that works?”

A stunned Sophy Ridge noted: “You can see why fishermen in Europe might think the Common Fisheries Policy has worked. 

“But, if you speak to British fishermen, they certainly don’t think it has worked.

“They think their industry has been decimated because of it.”

Fishing remains of the biggest hurdles to a deal between Britain and the EU, with claims from Brussels that a deal is 95 percent complete.

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