Blog: I’ve been lobbied on Syria bombing and Brexit in my time but nothing has inflamed like LTNs –

Opinions are so entrenched that there’s no possibility for rational debate. Those unwilling to be inconvenienced into driving a millimetre more than previously are pitted against others catastrophising that the planet is endangered. I’ve been the recipient of death threats in the past, but I’ve found lycra brigade surprisingly vicious.

I’m a great believer in evidence-led policy, so find the lack of baseline data on LTNs, as well as the“implement now, consult later” sequencing concerning. As for claiming that they are needed because car journeys are set to rise exponentially, post-pandemic we’re likely to see ever-more home working and thus fewer, nor more car journeys.

All stick and no carrot is wrong: why not incentivise lift-sharing or address issues of bike ownership and storage for the disadvantaged instead? Increased road tax for households with multiple cars would be better targeted than punishing the elderly and infirm who are unable to cycle or walk. The blunt LTN instrument whacks all drivers, including electric vehicles generating no emissions or taxis taking people to hospital. I’d welcome proper segregated cycle routes rather than blocking all side-streets. 

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