Blog: Macron compared to Napoleon after demanding Brexit trade deal be translated into French – Daily Express

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The demands of the globalist leader come after trade talks hit yet another snag this week when a member of Michel Barnier’s team tested positive for coronavirus, forcing the EU’s chief negotiator into isolation. In a meeting of senior diplomats in Brussels on Friday morning, Mr Macron’s ambassador made France’s stance clear to the European Commission. The ambassador stressed that Mr Macron wanted to see any trade agreement struck between the UK and the EU translated into French before MEPs scrutinised it.

A diplomatic note seen by The Telegraph read: “A French version of the deal is key for Paris to approve the deal.”

Social media users were quick to react, with some comparing Mr Macron to former French statesman and military leader Napoleon who dominated European and global affairs for more than a decade during the 19th century.

One person tweeted: “The Napoleon complex is strong in this one.”

A second wrote: “He is spoiled and thinks of himself being a saviour of EU.

macron brexit news

France’s Emmanuel Macron has said any Brexit trade deal will have to be translated into French (Image: GETTY)

macron brexit

Mr Macron will withhold support for a deal if it is in English (Image: GETTY)

“Next he will be demanding road signs in UK should be French.”

And a third said: “Remainers will froth.”

Time is running out for London and Brussels to reach a trade deal with less than six weeks to go until the Brexit transition period expires.

Earlier this week, Ireland’s foreign minister Simon Coveney warned of an “absolutely unanimous view” among European governments that they would not support a deal if Boris Johnson pushed ahead with the Internal Market Bill.

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macron brexit

The French president’s demands come six weeks before the Brexit transition period expires (Image: GETTY)

The Prime Minister’s proposed legislation suffered a setback on Wednesday when the House of Lords voted overwhelmingly against a section which would allow ministers to break international law.

Mr Coveney said: “Even if we do get a new trade deal negotiated between both sides, if the British government is determined to continue with their Internal Market Bill, to reintroduce parts of that bill that were removed by the House of Lords this week, then I think this is a deal that won’t be ratified by the EU.

“There is no way the EU will agree to ratify a new agreement if the British government is breaking the existing agreement that is not even 12 months old and breaking international law by doing that.”

Negotiating teams led by Mr Barnier and Lord Frost have so far failed to find a solution to the most contentious issues in talks.

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macron brexit

Michel Barnier has been forced into isolation (Image: GETTY)

macron brexit

Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron (Image: GETTY)

The two sides remain at odds in last-ditch trade talks over fishing rights, guarantees of fair competition and ways to solve future disputes, even though they are very close to agreement on other issues, EU diplomats said on Friday.

The diplomats were briefed by a senior member of the bloc’s executive European Commission, which is negotiating a new trade pact with Britain on behalf of the EU’s 27 states, behind closed doors on Friday about the latest in the troubled Brexit talks.

A senior EU diplomat said the UK and the bloc are “very close” to agreeing on a raft of issues while just a few topics remain divisive.

The diplomat said: “We are both close and far away.

“It seems that we are very close to agreement on most issues but differences on the three contentious issues persist.”

Another EU diplomat said discussions on fishing rights had not made much progress.

They said: “They still need their time.

“Some things on the level playing field have moved, albeit very, very slowly.

macron brexit

The Prime Minister leaves Downing Street (Image: GETTY)

“Fisheries are not really moving anywhere right now.”

British sources who work on state aid said the country had offered to set up a regulator for corporate subsidies, something the EU has long asked for.

But the sources said that without knowing what London’s state aid regime would look like in the future, it was hard to work out rules to guide such a regulator.

An EU diplomat confirmed that Britain had made a proposal but said it fell short of the bloc’s demand for a body independent from the government and with a clear mandate.

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