Blog: Tell us how you are preparing ahead of Brexit deadline – Oxford Mail

WE want to know how Oxfordshire is preparing for the UK’s exit from the European Union, with or without a deal at the end of the year.

The country may have officially left the EU at the end of January this year, but we are still locked in negotiations over a trade deal with the bloc.

The UK has until December 31 to get some kind of deal done, otherwise we will leave without one, as this is when the so-called ‘transition period’ ends.

Some pundits are predicting that a ‘skinny’ or ‘skeleton’ deal will be reached within days.

But at the moment, the process for this is still all very much up in the air.

This week, we at the Oxford Mail want to know how residents and businesses in our city and county are preparing for Brexit, because ultimately the outcome of these negotiations will effect us all.

Are you a business owner trying to maintain commercial relations with Europe?

Are you an Oxfordshire resident who is prepping a ‘Brexit box’ in case of shortage in some goods?

Or maybe you’re still passionate about the arguments for or against our exit from the European Union.

If so, get in touch with or use the contact form below…

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