Blog: 6100 Britons Living in the Netherlands Haven’t Applied for Post-Brexit Dutch Residency Yet –

With a bit more than a month to go until Britain becomes a non-EU country, 6,100 UK nationals who received a letter which urged them to apply for a Dutch residency have not responded yet, according to the Dutch Immigration Service (IND).

The Withdrawal Agreement that marks the end of the Brexit saga notes that Brits living in the Netherlands are obliged to register by the end of the year in order for their residence in Europe to be legal/

However, according to the IND, while a total of 34,000 UK nationals who remain in the Netherlands have been informed about their rights, by August 1, until the end of October, only 28,300 persons have formally filed an application to stay in the Netherlands, reports.

Despite the fact that Britons are eligible to solve their residency status under the rules of the withdrawal agreement, until the end of June 2021, from the end of 2020, they have to be able to prove that they are authorized to live in the Netherlands, for example, to apply for healthcare, the IND has pointed out.

According to the Dutch Immigration Service, about 95 per cent of the applications which have been submitted up to this point, have been approved, while just 1 per cent of them has been rejected.

The agency also stressed that about 1,500 nationals who did not receive a letter from the Dutch Immigration Service regarding their status, have also applied to stay.

Earlier this month Britain’s authorities signed into law the Immigration Act that puts an end to the free movement in the UK for all citizens of the European Union countries, without registered residence, on December 31.

In this regard, the United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the move delivers its promise to British citizens that the UK will regain control of its borders, while he welcomed the decision.

In July, authorities in the Netherlands announced that nationals of the Netherlands who are in the United Kingdom might soon be able to keep dual nationality. And though the law has been passed by Dutch senators, it has not been activated yet.

When the law takes effect, Dutch citizens who are living in the United Kingdom would be permitted to keep their citizenship, in case they need to obtain the UK’s citizenship also. The rule would help citizens to be guaranteed that their residency rights are being protected if their rights would be violated in Britain after the Brexit transition period.

When the Brexit transition period ends, on December 31, citizens of Britain will have to follow different travel rules, the same that third-country nationals follow, including passport rules, health insurance, and a limited number of days to stay in the European Union countries.

Last month, the Home Office announced that over four million applications were submitted for the EU Settlement Scheme, which enables EU citizens in the UK to continue living there, which means the milestone has been reached eight months before the deadline, which is June 30, 2021.

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