Blog: “Take back control? We’ve gained nothing from Brexit” – York Press

GEOFF Robb believes John Major should stick to eating peas ( Letters, November 12).

I remember enjoying the Spitting Image gag as much as anyone, and I can’t say I ever voted for him, but I think John Major is right to insist we should uphold international law,

Geoff Robb seems very positive about Brexit. I’m clearly missing something because I can still see no benefit for all the time, cost and heartache.

I, my family, the UK are all losing a lot from Brexit. It would be helpful if Mr Robb could please explain in words of one syllable exactly what we are gaining that makes it all worthwhile.

But please don’t suggest Tim Tams (we already have cheap own brand Penguins ), or blue passports.

We could always have had them, and allegedly they are more black than blue anyway.

‘Take back control’? We’ve gained nothing we didn’t have already in exchange for the cost of the welfare of thousands of lorry drivers queuing for days in Kent without toilets and having to keep their engines running to keep warm and stop food cargoes going off.

Maybe we should have listened to John Major.

Mary Kendall

Wheldrake, York

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