Blog: Finland Updates Rules of Stay for Britons Post-Brexit, After Misinterpretation –

Finland recently revealed several new rules that will take effect once Britain is officially out of the European Union, including Britons’ rights of residence under the divorce agreement.

However, the European Commission announced that the registration agreement between the European Union and the UK had been misinterpreted in Finland, reports.

According to Finland’s Ministry of Interior’ latest statement, citizens of the United Kingdom who own a certificate of permanent EU residence in Finland will be required to exchange the certificate for a residence permit card, in accordance with the divorce agreement.

The agreement emphasized that all these persons are eligible to apply for a change of their previous right of residence.

“In Finland, the law was originally interpreted as not being an obligation. However, a clear message has been received from the Commission that all Britons must apply for a new status under the divorce agreement in order to retain their rights under the divorce agreement in Finland,” reads the latest statement of Finland’s Ministry of Interior.

The Home Office together with Finland’s Immigration Service continue to urge all citizens of the United Kingdom to fill an application because the “right of residence under the resignation agreement facilitates transactions in Finland and at the Schengen external border.

Persons wishing to apply for the right of residence under a divorce agreement can do so, without being required to pay any money, if they obtain a certificate of previous permanent EU right of residence.

The application was officially opened on October 1, 2020, and will continue to remain open until September 30, 2021.

The UK-EU with withdrawal agreement which was reached back in February this year clarifies that the transitional period will end on December 31. On the same date, will be the end of Britain’s citizens European Union citizenship.

Last month the Home Office revealed that up to four million applications were submitted for the EU Settlement Scheme. The scheme permits all the European Union, EEA or Swiss citizens, together with their family members to live in the United Kingdom, once the transition period comes to an end.

Besides Finland, Norwegian authorities also warned all Brits living in Norway to register or else they will be considered third-country nationals, from January 1, 2021.

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