Blog: Prince Charles in Germany: Regardless of Brexit, we will always be friends and allies –

After a private 40-minute meeting, the foursome travelled to the striking Neue Wache Memorial, dedicated to victims of war and tyranny. First, the Prince and the President entered together, alone. 

Standing side by side, the two men paused to gaze at the replica sculpture at the centre of the otherwise desolate building, each lit only by a shaft of sunlight falling from the doorway.

Designed by German artist Kathe Kollwitz in memory of her own son who died in World War One, the sculpture is titled ‘Mother with Her Dead Son’. 

A large wreath of poppies had been laid on behalf of the Prince and, after being joined by four other dignitaries, he briefly stepped forward to touch it before the six men stood in line as the trumpet solo sounded, followed by a moment of silence.

After all six filed outside, the Prince and the President returned, accompanied by their wives.

The Duchess lay a posy comprising rosemary for remembrance and olives, white daisies and nerines for peace, before the group stood briefly before the sculpture.

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