Blog: Keir Starmer urged to apologise for Labour’s damaging second referendum Brexit policy – Daily Express

Sir Keir played a major role in getting the party to campaign for a second referendum, and as a result, this website asked its readers if the now-Labour leader should apologise for his part in the policy. The poll, carried out from 8.30am-8.30pm on November 13, asked: “Should Sir Keir Starmer apologise to Labour Brexiteers for party’s second referendum policy?”

The overwhelming majority of readers thought Sir Keir should apologise, with 91 percent (2,957 people) voting “yes”.

Just nine percent (303 people) voted “no”, while less than one percent of respondents (22 people) opted for “don’t know”.

Readers then took to the comments to explain why they thought Sir Keir should apologise for Labour’s past.

One person wrote: “Keir and friends just still haven’t got it yet, they blame Corbyn for them losing the election and the red wall of Labour voters in the North.

“Quite frankly I wouldn’t vote for them again as they don’t honour the results of any election.

“I remember Starmer running to the European Commission sticking his oar in, doing as much damage as Blair.

“Well now, how does Keir fix that… He can’t.

“When politicians ignore or try to overturn the people’s choices, they will pay at the ballot box.

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“Long time coming Starmer, but you’ll never be voted in after your track record.

“Any apology would be a lie anyway as Labour will try and take us back in at the first opportunity.”

Another user criticised the Labour leader’s Brexit stance, and wrote: “Keir Starmer is a EU sycophant Remainer.”

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Several users thought there wasn’t much point in Sir Keir apologising.

One person wrote: “Who cares, he isn’t going to get one in his lifetime.”

A second user said: “Nah, what’s the point, who’d believe him?”

It comes after some Labour MPs called on Sir Keir, the former shadow Brexit secretary, to apologise for the party’s previous position on Brexit.

Three former member’s of Jeremy Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet have said working class Leave voters are still “highly sceptical” about the party, since Labour went into the 2019 election promising a fresh Brexit vote.

In the lead up to the general election in 2019, Labour said if they won they would renegotiate a new deal with the EU and then put that back in front of the British people in the form of another referendum – with Remain on the ballot paper.

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