Blog: Brexit Britain ‘may feel lonely’ if Boris fails to ‘allay concerns’ Biden has over EU exit – Daily Express

A “strong relationship” with US President-elect Joe Biden could massively benefit post-Brexit Britain, Boris Johnson has been told. The Prime Minister’s “enormous challenges” have been discussed in a Newsnight report by BBC Political Editor Nicholas Watt. He warned that Mr Biden’s concerns about the UK’s EU exit impact on the island of Ireland will play a major role.

Mr Watt told viewers: “On Joe Biden, the Government needs to establish a strong relationship.

“That way Brexit Britain can amplify its voice.

“Especially as the new President resets the US’ role in the world.

“Fail to allay his concerns about the impact of Brexit on the Good Friday Agreement and Britain may feel a little lonely.”

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Alastair Campbell, the former Downing Street Director of Communications, agreed with the assessment, telling Newsnight: “The Government’s challenges at the moment are absolutely enormous.

“You’ve got Brexit, where we’ve really got days left to decide whether we’re going to get no deal or a terrible deal that Johnson will probably end up with.

“And a new American President who is shaking the moorings of the more populist governments around the world.

“These are all things that require real focus and the real attention of the Prime Minister.”

As Vice-President to Barack Obama, Mr Biden backed the former President’s warning during the 2016 referendum that the UK would be at the back of the line for a US-UK trade deal.

He has since raised concerns about the integrity of the Irish border in the Brexit negotiations.

The American politician, who is close to his Irish heritage, has expressed warned against jeopardising the Good Friday Agreement.

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Northern Ireland customs arrangements have sparked fear throughout the Brexit process about the return of a hard border on the island of Ireland.

Mr Johnson has insisted multiple times that there would be no checks in the Irish Sea.

However, Michael Gove has since confirmed that goods travelling from mainland UK to Northern Ireland will be required to go through “light-touch checks”.

The Government’s controversial Internal Market Bill sought to rectify any future border issues by overriding parts of the UK-EU withdrawal agreement.

However, Mr Biden has warned the Prime Minister that there will be no UK-US trade deal if Britain went back on the withdrawal agreement.

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