Blog: It’s time to walk away from these ridiculous Brexit talks, says MARTIN DAUBNEY – Express

Former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib will assess whether Boris is a modern day Winston Churchill or a Ted Heath. Mr Habib will question whether the PM will emerge as Brexit’s hero – or go for a BRINO and betray the 17.4 million. Mr Habib will say: “Will the Prime Minister stick with his word and call off negotiations with the EU?

“Or will he do what he did last year when he said he’d rather be dead in a ditch than not leave on October 31 and fail to meet that deadline?

“Or will he do what he said earlier this year which is that we would cease negotiations on June 30 if a deal hadn’t been reached, which then became the end of July and then became the end of September?

“And if he does a deal, tomorrow or some other time, will he stick to the promise that we will grant no more than annual quotas to the EU determined by the UK at its own discretion in our fishing waters?”

Then, the Fisherman’s Queen June Mummery will remind us exactly why fishing is a Brexit red line – and why a sellout of our coastal communities will cause uproar.

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And with Emmanuel Macron’s approval ratings on the floor, we will ask “Mr Frexit” Charles-Henri Gallois what the crunch talks mean for France and the future of the EU.

Next, German think tank boss and Brexiteer Sabine Beppler-Spahl will outline why Germany is weaponising the EU to fight back against NATO.

Finally, after a bruising week, Unlocked will speak exclusively to Darren Grimes, Britain’s most persecuted Brexiteer.

We will ask the burning question: why are the Metropolitan Police, the Electoral Commission and so many liberal journalists afraid of an outspoken Conservative?

And, most pertinently, what is the future for free speech in Britain when cops are wasting their time policing Grimes, not crimes?

Tune into Unlocked, the home of fearless debate, chaired by former MEPs Martin Daubney and Belinda de Lucy, exclusive to the Daily Express at 5.30pm today.

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