Blog: Carmichael slams ‘feckless’ PM and his ‘Brexit melodrama’ – Shetland Times Online

Carmichael slams ‘feckless’ PM and his ‘Brexit melodrama’

Orkney and Shetland MP Alistair Carmichael.

People are “sick and tired” of the Prime Minister’s “Brexit melodrama”, according to isles MP Alistair Carmichael. . 

Mr Carmichael launched a scathing attack on Boris Johnson after the PM said the country must prepare for a no-deal Brexit. 

“To go from ‘oven-ready’ to ‘no deal’ in less than nine months suggests utter incompetence from the Prime Minister and his government,” he said. 

“We were told this would be the easiest trade deal in history – the bar was set low and somehow Boris Johnson has still failed to get over it.”

Mr Carmichael warned a no-deal Brexit would cost the UK around 8 per cent of long-term GDP; hitting agriculture particularly hard. 

“Does Johnson really think people want to have to worry about a no deal scenario on top of everything else we are dealing with?” he asked 

“Many will suspect that this is yet more bluster from a feckless Prime Minister who has never planned more than five minutes ahead and now seeks to blame anyone else he can point to.”

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