Blog: EU must seek Brexit deal but not at all costs says Conte – English – Agenzia ANSA

(ANSA) – ROME, OCT 14 – Premier Giuseppe Conte said Wednesday
that the EU should seek to strike a deal with the United Kingdom
on post-Brexit trade and other issues but not at all costs.
“It is fundamental that member States maintain unity at the side
of the European Commission and the Commission’s negotiator,”
Conte told the Lower House as he reported to parliament before
the October 15-16 EU summit.
“There is not much time left and, for such a complex
negotiation, it should be used wisely.
“We prefer to seek a last-minute agreement rather than a no deal
(situation) but not at all costs.
“It must be a fair agreement”.
The premier also said that a big slice of the money Italy will
get from the EU Recovery Fund will be used to boost women’s
participation on the labour market.
“I take on the commitment contained in a resolution on female
occupation by the ruling majority that was approved yesterday
and I guarantee that a significant part of the Recovery Fund
money will be devoted to this,” Conte said. (ANSA).


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