Blog: Fears Cumbrian lamb sector under threat from ‘no deal’ Brexit – The Westmorland Gazette

A COUNTRYSIDE watchdog has issued a stark warning to Government that the lamb sector would be under threat in the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

The imposition of tariffs and regulatory checks will have a detrimental effect on farming sectors most dependent on trade with the EU. Between 2013-17, 82 percent of the UK beef and 78 percent of the dairy/eggs and fruit and vegetables that were exported went to the EU.The Country Land and Business Association (CLA) has calculated that, under a no deal scenario, because of tariffs based on UK exports, some three million lamb carcasses could have to come back to the UK market, if UK exports are around 2019 levels. The impact of this will be to depress prices, and nearly two million carcasses might not be sold.

CLA Director General Sarah Hendry said:”Farmers are on the cusp of readjusting their business for a new life outside the Common Agricultural Policy. Now many face the complete collapse of their market.”

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