Blog: Carcinogens could be added to bread in post-Brexit US trade deal, campaigners warn –

A new report titled: US-UK trade deal: The hidden damage to public health has listed several known carcinogens used in bread manufacturing in the US which could find their way into Britain. 

Toxic additives including  potassium bromate and azodicarbonamide are both used as leavening agents in pre-packaged bread with their use as a food additive banned by the EU decades ago.

Clinical trials on rodents have found that their consumption can cause kidney and thyroid cancer.

NHS dietitian Gabrielle Morse, who authored the paper, told the Telegraph: “Generally people seem to be aware of the dangers of having products such as chlorinated chicken from the US.

“However, this is not the full extent of the problem.

“If our current food standards are not protected, we face a reality of carcinogenic additives in our bread, salmonella infected eggs and meat filled with far more antibiotics than we currently have.

“The damage to our health by lowering of food standards goes far further than we realise.”

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