Blog: Will S1 forms continue after the Brexit transition period? – The Connexion


We are pensioners living in France with S1 forms for healthcare. Will this continue after the Brexit transition period and will we still be eligible for exemption from social charges on our UK pension income? Will friends arriving soon benefit from the same when they draw their UK pension? C.R.


The S1 system is to continue after Brexit for those who are covered by the Withdrawal Agree­ment. This should include yourselves and your friends, as long as they are established as residents in France before the end of 2020. It does not matter if your friends start receiving their pensions (and S1 forms) at a later date.

Therefore, on the basis of how things stand currently, you and your friends will benefit from the same exemption to the social charges as the status quo will continue for you. Newcomers to France, arriving after January 1, 2021, are not expected to be entitled to S1 forms as this is an EU scheme – unless otherwise decided in the ongoing future relationship talks. This looks increasingly unlikely.

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