Blog: ERP systems can aid food manufacturers facing Brexit and COVID-19 –

Addressing the benefits of information systems in the current geopolitical climate in Food Manufacture’s forthcoming webinar Fighting Fit for a Future in Flux, Walker will say: “The current uncertainties around COVID-19, Brexit, upcoming US elections, new trade agreements on the back of those, all of these things are causing major issues.

“It’s those businesses that are able to continually adapt and be the most agile that will be the most competitive.”

IT and digital solutions are valuable in supporting continuous improvement, lean and 6-Sigma philosophies and their respective toolkits that are vital to businesses keeping up with change, he will say.

Leaner approaches

“Uncertainty drives a need to adopt leaner approaches sooner rather than later. The digital world is often overlooked as part of this. Whilst information systems will not solve the issues on their own, they can hugely complement and enable more effective ways of working: the reduction in non-value-added activities, the removal of waste, the reduction in variation – all the themes you see in those lean programmes.

“Digital transformation tools can be used to analyse where we are, help determine the next steps, point to the next problem or opportunity and help us evaluate the impact of any of these changes.”

Such tools aid companies substantially in their quest for visibility, Walker says in his presentation, entitled ‘One Vision: clean, current and accurate information’.

Aside from Walker, Gavin Milligan, founder of Green Knight Sustainability Consulting and Katherine Thomas, director of Brighter Capability, are the other two webinar presenters. The event will be chaired by Food Manufacture editor Rod Addy and will include a live Q&A at the end to address registrants’ practical questions in detail.

Food Manufacture​’s one-hour webinar ‘Fighting Fit for a Future in Flux’ will take place on 20 October at 3pm UK time. Registration is free​. For a run-down of the programme, click here​.

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