Blog: John Lydon On Trump, Brexit, And Meghan Markle – Clash Magazine

John Lydon has expanded on his support for Donald Trump and Brexit.

The Sex Pistols frontman earned viral infamy last month, when an unflattering picture accompanied by a MAGA cap hit social media.

Speaking to the Observer, the punk icon has discussed his support for these reactionary causes, as well as giving some controversial soundbites.

We’d urge you to read the full thing, but we’re going to quote some paragraphs in particular as we believe they need highlighting.

With the conversation leaning towards Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, he commented: “My feeling about the royal family is one of sorrow. I’ve always felt they’re poor little birdies trapped in cages, gold cages, but they’re still entombed.”

Asked about Meghan Markle’s treatment in the UK, he responded: “Dreadful person. Very bad actress. But she’s in a masterclass now.”

He denies, however, that her treatment was racist: “Stop being self-righteous and smug, that’s what she needs to do. She’s hopping on a cause. There are valid cases out there, genuine people who need help.”

Indeed, it seems his aversion to being called racist is what has led to his attraction towards Trump and Brexit – both causes have been lambasted for their reactionary views.

He explained: “I’ve been accused of the very same thing, so I’m offended for anybody who’s called that.”

This is a reference to a backstage argument with Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke, who seemingly questioned why John Lydon hadn’t reformed PiL – at that stage, he merely toured with the Sex Pistols.

An argument broke out – witnessed by members of Mogwai and Foals – with members of Lydon’s entourage alleged to have used racially motivated language towards Kele.

Using social media, Mogwai’s Stuart Braithwaite re-affirmed this version of events:

“Of course I’m anti-racism,” he tells the interviewer, before explaining that he loathes “dogma”.

Asked about George Floyd, John Lydon says: “There’s not anyone I know anywhere that wouldn’t say that wasn’t ghastly. Absolutely! It doesn’t mean all police are nasty or all white folk are racist. Because all lives matter.”

Punk’s foremost icon saying “all lives matter” – honestly, has anything ever disappointed us more…?

The full interview can be found HERE.

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