Blog: Brexit latest news: Chris Whitty advising PM to introduce two week national lockdown, former WHO director claims –

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has been attacked by Conservative Tories after he intervened in the Brexit row last night. 

Mr Biden tweeted that he would not “allow the Good Friday Agreement that brought peace to Northern Ireland to become a casualty of Brexit”.

Former trade minister and long-time ally of Boris Johnson Conor Burns tweeted: “Hey Joe Biden would you like to discuss the Good Friday agreement? It is also called the Belfast Agreement so it doesn’t offend both traditions. Did you actually know that? I was born in NI and I’m a Catholic and a Unionist. Here if you need help.”

Jacob Young MP added: “We all believe in protecting the Good Friday Agreement (Belfast Agreement), and a key element of the agreement is recognising Northern Ireland’s position as a full part of our United Kingdom.”

Recent intake Joy Morrissey replied: “I guarantee he didn’t know any of that. Many Americans know next to nothing about the troubles, the bombings & terrorist attacks on the U.K. Biden is shamelessly pandering to the American Irish vote while refusing to engage with the U.K. Government or U.K. Diplomatic channels. Nice.”

She then deleted that tweet, but added: “Clearly it’s all about the Irish American vote.”

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