Blog: South Cumbria MPs react to controversial Brexit bill – NW Evening Mail

AS THE controversial Internal Market bill was being debated in the commons yesterday, MPs from south Cumbria were asked for their thoughts on the issue which has had multiple former Prime Ministers raising concerns.

Boris Johnson has urged MPs to support controversial Brexit legislation in order to “guarantee the economic and political integrity of the United Kingdom”.

Barrow MP Simon Fell was approached for comment yesterday but said he would wait until he had heard the full debate before making any decisions.

South Lakes MP Tim Farron said yesterday: “How can it possibly be right for the Government to break the law?

“If this bill is passed then the consequences for our standing and influence over China’s abuses of the law in Hong Kong or Russia’s abuses of the law in Ukraine will be devastating.

“For those reasons I will vote against the bill tonight and would urge all MPs who believe that no government should be above the law to do the same.”

The Prime Minister, moving the second reading of the United Kingdom Internal Market Bill, told the Commons: “This House should act to preserve the crucial achievements of the last three centuries, namely our British ability to trade freely across the whole of these islands.”

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