Blog: WHAT YOU SAID: Morrisons boss warns of no-deal Brexit price rise – Swindon Advertiser

Supermarket chain Morrisons has warned a no-deal Brexit could see prices rise in store.

“Tariffs do drive inflation, so in any year no-one wants to see increased prices, particularly not as we are in a recession,” he said.

The comments came as the supermarket chain reported that like-for-like sales, excluding fuel, increased by 8.7 per cent, as it was particularly buoyed by rapid online growth.

On Facebook, we asked readers if they were worried about the prospect of a no-deal Brexit.

Here’s what you said:

Dave Durston: “With what’s going on in the world right now I don’t think it really matters,

“Probably the best time to go it alone is right now, the entire worlds economy is on its arse.

“Whether we get a deal or not we’re all in the same boat regardless.”

Steve Stimson: “I’m worried about Brexit full stop.”

Tina Mottram: “It’s what people voted for. So pay the price for your so called freedom.”

Daniel Adams: “So far almost every scare story we were told has failed to materialise.

“We were told millions would be unemployed, instead we saw record levels of employment.

“We were told the economy was going to be trashed, we saw steady growth.

“We were told house prices would collapse, we have record high house prices.

“We were told we couldn’t get any trade deals, we have secured 57 so far with more being negotiated.

“I could go on and on.”

Robert Felstead: “I’m worried about shortages of certain types of food triggering panic-buying.

“I’ll be planning to avoid the supermarkets in January.”

Pauline Hobbs: “The food is getting dearer each week now.”

Shirley Ward: “Yes I am very worried people can’t afford it now.”

John Fowler: “Brexit is a complete mess. “There isn’t a business plan and there never was.

“Also the current government couldn’t deliver pizza on a bike let alone a deal for 65 million people.”

David Hulme: “Anything to improve there profits.”

Marcus Carlton: “I can’t wait.”

Fiona Chalk: “So is the government screwing up the Brexit negotiations to distract us from the shambles they are making of dealing with Covid-19 or is it the other way round?

“Hard to tell really.”

James Murphy: “We are used to this.we don’t expect anything else.”

David Oakley: “I’m not worried, in fact the opposite.”

Angela Langcaster: “So? Who’s interested in your opinion when you shut the shop in Swindon town centre when the cheap rent ran out?”

Lee S. Bennett: “Brexiteers “we hold all the Cards” Yeah, clearly.

“Not a single coherent argument for leaving the European union.”

John Thorpe: “No matter what happens they will find any excuse to put up the prices.”

Gary Huett: “What’s new?”

Alan Walklett: “Could, could, could.

“We could be in the next world war soon or all die from Covid.”

Lee Sartin: “Food prices needn’t rise if we became self sufficient and stopped relying on importing poor quality produce.

“We have the capacity and capability.”

Dave Watts: “Everyone’s worried, because everyone has been conditioned to worry.

“About time people grew a pair and got on with the idea of Britain as an independent country, the exact same situation as many other countries round the world who seem to do perfectly fine.”

Paul Wildego: “Nope hope we have a no deal Brexit.”

Lyn Jeapes: “Laying the ground works for putting prices up, any excuse will do”

Paul Clark: “I’d happily pay 10 per cent extra on food produced in the U.K. and far as I know bananas and coconuts aren’t grown in Europe.”

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