Blog: The world this week – Covid-19 new measures, Brexit negotiations, Australia-China row over journalists, LVMH vs Tiffany’s – FRANCE 24

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After summer vacation, school’s back in and the scramble is on to avoid a return to lockdown. In France, where Covid cases continue to rise, prompting a rush on labs for testing like this one in France’s second city Lyon, the government announcing several measures including an updated strategy on testing and devolution to local authorities when it comes to stricter enforcement of social distancing.

With Boris Johnson’s handling of the Covid crisis under fire, how about changing the conversation? We talk about Northern Ireland instead. We all thought the question of keeping the UK’s only land border was solved with January’s divorce deal but now – with just five weeks to strike a trade deal – the government putting it back in play.

It was the week China and India for the first time in decades fired warning shots at their disputed border high in the Himalayans where tensions with Taiwan over military exercises rose and where the acrimony with Australia rose another notch. Amid trade tensions and blunt talk over Hong Kong, the last two journalists working for Australian media had to be exfiltrated to avoid interrogation. Their exit ban was only lifted after they agreed to interviews with police in Australian diplomatic missions.

Their engagement was big news. U-S jeweler Tiffany’s – which inspired Hollywood’s most iconic window shopping scene – agreeing to a 16-point-2 billion sale to French luxury giant LVMH. Now, even though they never even exchanged wedding rings, already they are in divorce court. Tiffany’s suing to keep the deal alive even though the French say they had no choice, because of a rare intervention by the foreign ministry, which points to the current trade tensions with the Trump administration.

Produced by Alessandro Xenos, Juliette Laurain and Laura Burloux.

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