Blog: Letter: Stop spreading scare stories about Brexit – East London and West Essex Guardian Series

Chris Sumner (No-deal Brexit disaster, Opinion, July 23) suggests I am trying to silence him, such actions are in the toolbox of the woke left and not mine. He should not be so sensitive about his views.

He speaks of a ‘no deal’ Brexit as a certainty when as I write face-to-face negotiations are taking place with the aim of not having no deal. He really should await the finality of discussions before continuing with his scare stories and as I previously stated he should declare his evidence.

It is true that despite enormous Government support some weak businesses will close post virus, Brexit or no Brexit. The home hospitality sector is possibly the worst affected and Brexit will not impact that.

Perhaps Mr Sumner should console himself that by leaving the EU we will not have to dig deep to support the weaker states as they get economically closer. In any event within a few years the EU will have a new treaty requiring full economic and financial union and no Government of any hue would be able to take us to that end game.

Michael McGough

Wellfields, Loughton

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