Blog: Letter: a no deal Brexit will be a self-inflicted wound – Bridport and Lyme Regis News

Although it is hard for any of us to consider issues beyond Covid at present, I am writing to urge your readers to contact our MP, Chris Loder, about the deadline for asking for an extension to the transition arrangements for leaving the EU.

The deadline is just days away at the end of June.

Covid has meant that the Government’s attentions have rightly been elsewhere. The hoped-for discussions on trade deals with other countries have been delayed. As a single country our bargaining position is not strong. So we are hearing we may be forced to accept American food which has not been subject to the animal welfare standards of the EU.

The problem is that the Government has stated it will refuse the extension even if it is offered by the EU. Most economists have likened this to driving off a cliff.

After Covid British industry cannot afford more disruption and a no deal Brexit is likely to scare off companies such as Nissan. No one could have predicted the way our economy would have been hit by a pandemic but a no deal Brexit will be a self inflicted wound. If you are concerned let Chris Loder know your concerns.

West Allington, Bridport

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