Blog: Brexit residency card website: when will it open? – The Connexion

*UPDATE: Since this article was published, the French Ministry of the Interior has announced that it is postponing the re-launching of their residency permit portal from 1 July to 1 October 2020 because of the impact of Covid-19. You can read their update here:…/brexit/…/vous-etes-britannique.html.

It is now also certain that there will be no extension to the Brexit transition period, meaning that this second half of 2020 is the deadline for Britons to become established as residents in France before stricter “third-country national” visa and residency rules apply.

The UK has ruled out requesting, or accepting, any extension to the trans-ition period beyond December 31. The Withdrawal Agreement (WA) signed between the UK and EU allowed the possibility of extension, at the latest, to 2022, but this had to be agreed before June 30. All Britons able to show they have established their main residence in France this year are entitled to benefit from the WA deal, which aims to maintain their key rights as EU citizens to live and work in France.

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The new online process

They will need to apply for a new kind of residency card by the end of next June at the latest to continue living legally in France. It is expected to be officially called titre de séjour accord de retrait du Royaume-Uni de l’UE. The process will be online and, after applying, Britons will receive an acknowledgement (récépissé) by email as proof of this. Help will be on offer for those lacking computer skills or with other difficulties. The British Em­­bassy has also been in contact with the Association des Maires de France about publicising procedures to isolated Britons. It intends to circulate a booklet of key points people need to know.

The new website is expected to be very similar to the site that was open for a few months in late 2019/early 2020 for applications for a “no-deal” card when that scenario looked prob-able. As before, the new website …

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