Blog: Brexit deadline essential to avoid crash-out no deal – Derry Journal

SDLP Councillor Mary Durkan.

Colr. Durkan’s comments followed the passing of her motion calling for an extension of the transition period by Derry City and Strabane District Council.

Colr. Durkan said: “The clock is ticking, and we are now less than six months away from the cliff-edge of crashing out without a deal. We need workable solutions. We need to ensure the implementation of the Irish Protocol to avoid a hard border on this island, to protect all sectors and to protect the Good Friday Agreement. The impact of Brexit on the North West of Ireland will be truly unique. There will not be a single life or livelihood here that will not be affected.”

She added: “Naturally governments everywhere have been addressing Covid-19 as an immediate priority, and Brexit negotiations have been disrupted. We are only starting to recover from the greatest global health crisis in living history whilst facing the deepest economic recession.

“Our economy was already vulnerable, prior to the pandemic, as a result of Brexit uncertainty coupled with austerity cuts, against a background of decades of chronic economic neglect and regional imbalance. The last thing we need here is the chaos of a crash-out Brexit.”

Colr. Durkan said many questions remained around workers’ and citizens’ rights, environmental standards, and what happens with vital EU funding for the community sector.

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